Cool tech alert! Volvo to bring more autonomous tech to new XC60

The new generation of Volvo City Safety includes steering support. (Image courtesy of Volvo Car Group)

Volvo Cars just inched a little closer to bringing autonomous cars to regular people. The automaker announced that the XC60, which will be revealed March 7 at the Geneva Motor Show, will be equipped with automatic steering assistance.

More specifically, the SUV will have a trio of advanced safety features that will step in to aid the driver in the event of an imminent collision.

Volvo owners may already be familiar with City Safety, which is included on current vehicles and applies emergency braking in low-speed driving situations. On the XC60, City Safety is updated to include steering support, designed to help the vehicle avoid crashes with other vehicles, large animals and pedestrians. Steering support will be available between 30 and 60 mph.

Something else current owners may be familiar with is Volvo’s Blind Spot Information System, which alerts drivers to cars in their blind spots. This system has also been updated to include steering assist, designed to steer a driver back into his own lane if he tries to change lanes when a vehicle is in his blind spot.

A completely new technology making its debut in the XC60 is Oncoming Lane Mitigation. This feature is kind of like an advanced version of Lane Keep Assist, and if a driver has exited his driving lane, the system will guide the vehicle back into the appropriate driving lane and out of the path of an oncoming vehicle. This system is active from speeds of about 40 to 85 mph.

In a press release, Malin Ekholm, senior director, Volvo Cars’ Safety Centre, said: “We have all of the benefits of the safety technology we introduced in our larger 90 Series cars in the new XC60. This is fully in-line with our strategic approach to develop automotive safety systems based on real-life, real-road safety. Our vision is that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by the year 2020."

Few other details are available about the new Volvo XC60, but we assume it will be released into the U.S. market in late 2017 as a 2018 model.


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