Congresswoman hasn't held town halls yet because of threats

Republican Congresswomen Claudia Tenney has reversed her decision, announcing she will hold a town hall when it is safe.

Tenney sat down with CNYCentral Friday afternoon after returning from an oversees trip. She acknowledged town halls from across the country have turned into screaming matches.

"For me, I really have no problem having a town hall," said Tenney, who represents New York's 22nd congressional district. "Initially, I got some death threats so we were advised to wait until its safe to have a town hall.".

Her family is her main concern when it comes to threats, Tenney said. In the mean time, she isn't ignoring her constituents.

"I've only been in Congress for eight-weeks, we do hundreds of phone calls every single day," said Tenney. "I represent everybody not just a handful of people."

Tenney says town halls will be publicized when they are scheduled.