#NunesvsNunes: Seattle man gets dragged into Twitter war over his last name

While both Devin Nunes and Chase Nunes share the last name, that’s where their similarity ends. Chase Nunes said he's receiving hundreds of Twitter messages meant for Rep. Devin Nunes, (R-Calif.) (Photos: Twitter)

SEATTLE - House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is in a fight over how he’s been handling his committee’s investigation into possible ties between Russian and Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign.

But there’s some ‘collateral damage’ in this war of words and his name is Chase Nunes, who is a broadcast engineer at KOMO-TV in Seattle.

While both Devin Nunes and Chase Nunes share the last name, that’s where their similarity ends.

“There's a possibility we might be second cousins because we are actually both from a similar part of California,” said Chase.

But, where their lives suddenly intertwined is on Twitter. Chase’s twitter handle is @Nunes and the congressman’s handle is @DevinNunes.

While Rep. Nunes has made headlines over last several weeks, Chase’s twitter comments have also exploded.

“A lot of people are not tweeting at him, they are tweeting at me,” said Chase.

But, instead of getting angry with the trolls clogging his tweeter feed, he’s taking a different approach.

“At first I was ignoring them, then after a while there was just so many coming in, I was like, 'I’m going to have some fun with this,'" said Chase.

He said at one point, he received over 600 responses to his Twitter handle in one day, but the comments were directed towards Devin Nunes.

When someone told him on twitter he should abandoned the chairmanship on the committee, Chase replied: “No, no, our safety committee is very important, make sure you check you smoke detectors.”

Another guy gave him a positive comment saying the representative is, "a man of action and always tries to get to the truth."

“I said thank you, that’s been my entire goal, I want to get the truth out there on my twitter,” said Chase.

The avid gamer who runs has reached out to Devin Nunes on Twitter.

“I said, hey lets met up at Wrestle Mania next week, we’ll have a match and we’ll figure out who gets the Nunes handle once and for all," Chase said.

Currently the hashtag #NunesVsNunes has started to trend on Twitter.

But, if someone tweets the "smackdown" is actually happening, don’t believe it, it’s "fake Nunes."