Alderman warns residents that city may possibly be overcharging water bills

Many residents say their water bills are still unusually high, but the city says it shouldn't be an issue. (Photo: Shelbey Roberts)

The city of Savannah said they are starting to charge late fees to residents who have not paid their water bills on time.

Local leaders say residents will start seeing those numbers increase on their new bills, if they haven't paid.

Alderman Tony Thomas, however, says the city is overcharging some residents an amount that is beyond what they should be paying.

"I've seen $450 bills when it should normally be $100. I think some people are just paying it and being disgruntled, paying it without looking at it, because they don't think anything can be done," Thomas said.

Residents, like Melissa Middleton, who lives in Victory Heights, says she's seeing skyrocketing water bills, too. She says this is causing her family a lot of strife recently.

"It's very frustrating because it's me and my son in the house, and who can live without water?" stated Middleton.

The city of Savannah says the best way to find out if you are being charged correctly for the amount of water you use is by calling 311.

You can set up an appointment with the city to check your gauges. If they determine that the price they issued was incorrect, you may be entitled to a break in your bill price or may receive credit.

"We can send a crew out there within two weeks and make you feel much better about the situation," said city spokesperson Michelle Gavin.