Boy Scouts to start admitting girls; Girl Scouts not happy about decision

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The Girl Scouts of America aren't happy that the Boy Scouts will open up their membership to girls in 2018.

The Boy Scouts made the announcement Wednesday, stating the decision was based on community interest and creating more convenient programming opportunities for families.

"We've had a great working relationship with the Boy Scouts," said Sue Else, the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia. "We've done recruitments together. Our girls have gone to their camps. Their boys have come to our camps. So, we've treasured--cherished that relationship. So, we were surprised."

Else has concerns that the Boy Scouts' curriculum won't be effective with girls. She says she has found that girls benefit more with girl-centered learning.

"They will try things new. And, even if they don't do it quite right the first time, they'll try it again in an all-girl environment," she said.

There are still questions about how the Boy Scouts' new membership policy and their relationship with the Girl Scouts will play out. But, Else says their organization will keep moving forward.

She stated, "We'll continue to do that kind of girl-led leadership program because we want to see our girls thrive."

FOX 28 News has reached out to the Boy Scouts' Coastal Empire Council for comment.

They referred us to the national public relations team, who we've not heard back from yet.