Eight arrests during the St. Patrick's Day parade, SCMPD's Compliance Unit on Patrol

Cpl. John Murphy heads up SCMPD's Alcohol Beverage Compliance Unit (Credit: Robert Catanese)

Now that the 193rd St. Patricks Day parade is in the books, Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department say they were not surprised with the eight arrests made during the parade this year.

Major Devonn Adams is the SCMPD dayside Festival Commander.

“Six of those arrests were for underage drinking in the parks and the squares, one for public drunkenness in the staging area, and one for public drunkenness on the parade route,” said Adams.

In 2016, SCMPD made 10 arrests on St. Patrick’s Day.

Corporal John Murphy heads up the Alcohol Beverage Compliance unit for SCMPD.

He and his team were busy Friday afternoon.

“We're out going from business to business doing compliance checks. Overconsumption is something we're really looking at this year,” said Murphy.

SCMPD Major Robert Gavin says under- age drinking and overconsumption is very concerning.

“Over consuming alcohol and not only making themselves unsafe but others unsafe. We encourage everyone to drink responsibly and have a good time,” said Gavin.

SCMPD has partnered with state and local municipalities to ramp up coverage of the festivities through the weekend.

Major Adams says they will focus their attention now on night side concerns in keeping people safe.

“Tonight we will have our traffic unit along with our heat unit as well as state patrol they will be focusing on traffic violations with a heavy, heavy concentration on DUI's,” said Adams.

SCMPD said they and their law enforcement partners will enforce all city and county ordinances and urge everyone to party responsibly.

They urge everyone to take advantage of ride share apps and stay safe through the weekend festival.