Mass shooting action memorial has locals reaching out to legislative officials

post card.JPG
Locals gather to raise community awareness in the wake of the Texas mass shooting (Credit:Robert Catanese)

Thursday night, some concerned Savannahian’s gathered together to shine a light on gun violence in the wake of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas mass shooting.

They spent the evening writing letters and postcards to all county, city and state elected officials hoping to raise awareness to those impacted by gun violence.

Alivia Rukmana is a junior at Savannah Arts Academy.

“I feel like writing letters is so overlooked now, people just tweet everything they say. When someone sees that they have taken the time to write a letter, I think they take that more into consideration,” said Rukmana.

The group also collected donations for a local non-profit charity, "LB4 and After Foundation.”

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