Savannah sees storm surge, power outages, downed trees


The biggest threats from Irma left Savannah by Monday evening, but the storm left behind a collection of damage.

News13's Aaron Adelson was in Savannah. He saw widespread power outages, downed trees, and flooding, the worst of which many people can't evaluate.

When the brunt of the storm passed, people ventured out to see what else it left behind.

River Street temporarily turned into a river. People who live in Savannah say this almost never happens and, when it does flood, it's not like this.

Marley Gibson, a Savannah resident, said it wasn't even this bad during Hurricane Matthew.

" No, I mean, we get a lot of of rain and we get a little flooding on the lower roads, but nothing like this," Gibson said.

Many people said they knew the storm was coming. That's why Jenna Moore evacuated Tybee Island.

Jenna Moore, Tybee Island resident, said conditions were pretty bad.

" We felt pretty safe, but yeah, the water that covered the driveway up until the hill up there. So yeah, it got pretty high," said Moore.

The storm scared both people and pets.

In the aftermath, many said they're not sure what they'll face when they get home.

"Tybee is pretty flooded, far worse than here, so unfortunately we might have a little bit of issues when we got home. [We] know that there's no answer," said Moore.

Wind gusts were clocked as high as 70 miles an hour in the area.

Storm surge flood waters have receded as the day went on, but high tide could bring rising waters on streets again.