SCMPD gears up for MLK Day Parade road closures, traffic impacts

SCMPD have already posted these signs downtown along the MLK Day Parade route (Credit:Robert Catanese)

Monday, Jan. 15, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and SCMPD officials are gearing up for the big day.

Downtown traffic will be rerouted for several hours. The parade begins at 10 a.m., but preparations are already in the works.

Sergeant Eddie Grant is the Special Events Coordinator at SCMPD.

“A lot of 11 inch by 17 inch signs up that say no parking on Monday,” said Grant.

Metro officers say if your car is in any of the no parking zones after 12:01 a.m. Monday, it will be towed.

“We do not want to tow cars but we will if they are along the staging area and the parade route for the safety of both parade and the spectators,” said Grant.

If your car does get towed, here is what you will need to do:

“All of those tow slips from the parade will come to our headquarters customer service desk, so if a vehicle is towed, come to police headquarters,” said Grant.

Metro says they will be out in full force and are prepared for any emergency.

“You will see an abundance of officers out working for this there are plans to react to events like that we can’t give those plans out obviously for security reasons but there are plans in place and we are prepared to deal with events of that nature,” said Grant.

They have a warning for those looking to sidestep the barricades.

“Our officers are there to make sure that the parade goes off without a hitch and everybody is safe not only the spectators but also those in the parade do not cross the barricades if they're closed,” said Grant.

Streets will be closed as early as 6 a.m. Monday. The parade travels north on East Broad to Oglethorpe Avenue, west on Oglethorpe to Price Street, north on Price to Broughton street, west on Broughton to MLK and will end on Anderson Street.

“Once that parade gets started and we lock down those roads which is typically around 9:45 in the morning for a 10 o'clock parade we won’t be able to let traffic on that route anymore or across the route,” said Grant.