SCMPD say they're ready for St. Patrick's Day festivities

Major Robert Gavin is the night side Festival Commander for St. Patrick's Day (Credit: Robert Catanese)

Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department urge residents and visitors to stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day.

They want everyone to have a good time during the festivities, but are sending a strong message to those who break the law.

SCMPD says they are prepared. Those preparations include enforcing the county and city ordinances of public drinking and they want everyone going to have a plan.

They urge folks to download the WAZE app for road closures and real time traffic issues.

If you lose someone in your party or even a child they say go to their River Street command post.

Metro advises parents to take a picture of their child the day of the parade. If for some reason they get separated, police will know how to identify them.

Police also say they are getting help from state and local agencies as well as surrounding municipalities.

Major Robert Gavin said there will be targeted patrols.

“Over-consumption underage drinking and ensuring that everyone has a safe and good time,” said Gavin.

Major DeVonn Adams is the dayside Festival Commander, he advises everyone to be vigilant.

“If you see anything out of the ordinary say something contact a police officer or say something to someone so we can investigate it,” said Adams.

Officials say cars will be towed starting Friday morning before the parade starts and advise everyone to adhere to the parking signs throughout the city.