West Broad Street YMCA looking for volunteers for spring planting

Elementary and middle school students help plant a lime tree at the West Broad Street YMCA (Photo: Ian Dembling)

Savannah, Ga. (WTGS)-- Spring hasn't quite sprung, but the West Broad Street YMCA wants to be prepared for when it does.

Their garden located behind their facility on May Street helps feed West Savannah residents. It also provides children with an opportunity to get involved. These are two reasons Peach State Health Plan wanted to lend their assistance.

"This is our focus," said spokesperson Erica Gaines. "Our focus is the people here and how we can help out in any way to make sure they are healthy, they are living well, they are being well."

Peach State provided fresh fruits and vegetables that they gave out for free to hungry residents. Students with Youth For a Cleaner Environment (YFACE) helped bag the groceries, and were the gardeners too.

Staff say gardening is not only healthy for the plants, but also for the kids who are volunteering.

"There are all kinds of studies that show that there are microbes in the soil that actually make you healthier and make you happy which is awesome," said garden manager Erica Bruskin

Those looking to volunteer at the West Broad YMCA's garden can go here