Some voters suffering 'election fatigue,' even depression

Some voters suffering "election fatigue", even depression. 11/09/16 (Gerard Ramalho / KSNV)

A lot of people may be suffering from election fatigue. The months of campaign commercials alone are enough to make you frustrated. But if a candidate you supported last night didn't win, it may be even more disappointing.

Licensed Family Therapist and Life Coach Aaron Williams says, "It kind of bothers us for a while, it kind of sits with us until we process it."

Part of the process he says begins by understanding there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

CSN Professor Dr. Sondra Cosgrove suggests rather than give up on your causes you stay connected.

"I'm assuming anybody that's feeling a hangover got involved because they were passionate about something, not someone. Those some things still need to be handled. So contact the people who just got elected and tell them you're still interested in that issue," said Dr. Cosgrove.

There's also the possibility, although some might be skeptical, that things could actually improve.

Williams says, "We need to go with the way things went in order for us to feel better about ourselves and the outcomes. We don't want to be quite, unquote, sore losers".

Bottom line American voters have the power to make more changed, even if it is four years down the road.

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