Actor Richard Kind hopes some women aren't using #MeToo campaign for fame

Celebrites attend 3rd Annual Carney Awards at The Broad Stage. Featuring: Richard Kind Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 29 Oct 2017 Credit: Brian To/

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- Former "Spin City" star Richard Kind is concerned some women accusing others of sexual harassment are using the #MeToo campaign to gain fame.

Kind told DailyMailTV that these accusations will change the way actresses are treated in a positive way. He also says that "it is pretty great that nobody is immune no matter how big you are."

"Rarely does what happen in Hollywood change anything, but this will," Kind said. "Not because of Harvey; because some of the princesses of this town - the Angelina Jolies and Rose McGowans - they became human; they became victims, just like the poor kid, oh my gosh. It has equalized them."

But Kind also warns that there may be some women who are lying in order to gain fame.

"But I will tell you it is also going to turn the other way where women who weren't really abused or really didn't get it, are looking for fame or saying 'me too'. I hope that doesn't happen - it could," Kind said. "But I just hope that doesn't happen. I hope people don't use it for their own aggrandizement, and to lift themselves."

Kind also didn't hesitate to criticize Weinstein for his alleged actions.

"I will tell you what has. And I hate to bring it it up. The whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is despicable," Kind said. "He deserves his punishment. What I really hope is that the bank president in Omaha, who used to hit on the new business school graduate that was pretty and in order for her to rise to the top he took advantage of her. That is all going to stop."

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