FOX 28 announces Jefferson Awards winner for July 2017

This month's Jefferson Award winner is Cynthia Hopson (Credit: Shelbey Roberts)

FOX 28 is a proud partner of the Jefferson Awards, a foundation that recognizes local heroes who help make their city better through community service. For the month of July, FOX 28 is recognizing Cynthia Hopson from Savannah for her dedication to keeping Savannah clean.

Cynthia Hopson has seen her fair share of trash littering the Edgemere Sackville community.

"Beer bottles, plastic bottles, food containers. A lot of the litter does come from people just driving through and throwing trash out their cars," she said.

Hopson noticed the problem not only in her neighborhood, but across Savannah, when she moved to the city two and a half years ago. As an environmental advocate, it bothered her.

She said, "Of course trash and litter is not good for our environment. It goes into our storm drains and then into the rivers and into the oceans and then it affects our drinking water."

But instead of complaining, Hopson decided to do something. So, every week, for the past year and a half, she has walked along Cedar Street from 53rd to DeLesseps picking up trash.

"I carry the bucket in my car with me so that when I'm out, it's always in the trunk, so I get out and pick the trash up and put it in my container," she stated.

With a full time job and as the president of the Edgemere Sackville Neighborhood Association, Hopson has her plate full. But, she says keeping the environment clean is a priority of her's. Her green thumb is starting to catch up with others. Sometimes, neighborhood children will come out to help. Hopson says it's a an example that she's proud to help set.

"If children see an example of adults picking up litter, then they won't throw it down. So we'll have less of it in the community," said Hopson.

Congratulations, Cynthia! If you know a local hero that is making a positive difference in their community, nominate them for a Jefferson Award here.

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