Longtime Statesboro Food Bank volunteer wins Jefferson Award

Joe Bill Brannon (WTGS photo)

FOX 28 is a proud partner of the Jefferson Awards, a foundation that recognizes local heroes who help make their community better through acts of public service. For the month of December, FOX 28 is recognizing Joe Bill Brannon from Statesboro.

Eighty-year-old Joe Bill Brannon is a familiar face at the Statesboro Food Bank.

“This is what I do, I don’t play golf," he said. "This is my hobby, my life."

But Joe Bill is not one of the food bank's clients. He’s been a volunteer for the last 25 years. Most days of the week you’ll find Joe Bill and his team picking up groceries, hauling them in his truck and packaging them up for local families in need.

“I go to bed at night with a--satisfied. I know without a shadow of a doubt that somebody has been helped by this place today," he said.

Joe Bill says he’s seen a significant amount of growth with the food bank in the 25 years that he’s helped out.

"The first year I remember we got about six thousand cans, which was unusually because that was a even month supply for the local food bank. The second year we did it we got about another five or six hundred," he said.

Joe Bill says public service isn’t a job for him. It’s his lifelong calling. Over the last 80 years, this AirForce veteran has volunteered with the Red Cross, American Legion, Lions Club International and the NAACP.

“It’s a satisfying--that’s the good part about it is, when you go to bed, you sleep. And you have a clear conscience, you know you’ve done something, that has been worthwhile," he said.

Joe Bill says he’s getting ready to hang up his Statesboro Food Bank hat. But until then, he says he’s got lots of service work to do.

Congrats to Joe Bill Brannon! If you’re interested in getting assistance or volunteering with the Statesboro Food Bank, you can call this number: 912.489.3663.

Also, if you know of any local heroes serving their community, nominate them for a Jefferson Award today.

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