2 indicted in death of beloved community advocate Shawntray 'Puff' Grant

    Nelaunte Shaniqua Grant (left) and Osha Dunham (right) (CCSO)

    On Wednesday, an unsealed 108 count indictment was released naming as many as seven people, two charged in the death of community advocate Shawntray ‘Puff’ Grant.

    Osha Dunta Dunham and Nelaunte Shanequa Grant are both charged with malice and felony murder of Grant.

    The indictments state six of the people named are known gang members.

    Dunham is linked to the Rollin’ 60’s Crips. Others, excluding Nelaunte Grant, are affiliated with the Shady Park Crips.

    Also named in the indictment are Jahonne Manigo, Malik McKenzie, Cordell Richardson, Donnell Richardson and Jevon Williams.

    The grand jury found that Dunham shot and killed Grant during an armed robbery.

    Dunham is also charged with the deaths of Ardearrin Jefferson back in 2013 and Robert Lee Jr. last year.

    Shawntray Grant 1.PNG

    News of the indictments sent shock waves through the community and had some speaking out.

    Linda Wilder-Bryan is no stranger to violence. She lost her son five years ago to gun violence. She knew Grant and his family and praised the tireless work of the Savannah Police Department in bringing Grant’s killers to justice.

    “They never gave up. They kept fighting for Puff. How awesome is the City of Savannah and its police officers and the detectives have been in fighting crime and getting justice for all of these mothers,” she said.

    Beverlee Trotter, another community advocate, was shocked when she found out the news of who was involved in Grant’s death.

    “How can you hurt someone who has offered his life to an entire community to people he doesn’t even know? He just does it because it’s right. How could you take his life,” she said.

    Cordell Richardson was indicted for malice and felony murder in the death of Eric Cooley last year.

    Jevon Williams was indicted for felony murder of Jernard Burton also last year.

    “Not only are those the evil imps from the pits of hell have been indicted for Puffs murder, they are also have been indicted for other murders,” said Wilder-Bryan.

    Detric Leggett said this was not about closure for the family, but of hope for the future.

    “It's not going to give them any closure because they lost a pivotal person in their lives they lost a community activist but it gives them a little bit of hope that good is out there,” he said.

    He said that hope will resonate with the community.

    “Shawntray Grant meant a lot to us in this community and I know that this community feels a little bit safer knowing that we are getting these people off the street,” he said.

    The Grant family's attorney, Chad Mance, said the family will be addressing the indictments some time this week.

    Savannah Police will be holding a press conference Thursday morning at 9 a.m to discuss the investigation

    You can view the indictment in its entirety below:

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