A Savannah man took his boat and headed north to help rescue hurricane victims

(Credit: Ray Morin)

One Savannah man dropped everything Friday and headed north to help rescue hurricane victims.

Ray Morin hitched his boat to his car and drove to Wilmington, N.C. Friday night.

Morin said he’s paired up with a medic. They’ll drive around to different neighborhoods to see if anyone is in need of help. There is also a few other people with them ready to get rescued victims to hospitals or get them things like food and clothes.

He has his boat is ready to go to reach victims wherever they may be. We talked to him right before he was about to start looking for people.

“We’re getting ready to go canvas some neighborhoods and go door to door to see if there’s anybody stuck. I like to do whatever I can to help anybody. I live on Wilmington Island and we stayed through Matthew so I've seen it and seen how bad it can be,” said Morin.

He said he planned to stay out until dark on Saturday and continue in the coming days for as long as he is needed.

He sent Fox 28 photos of some of the damage and flooding he’s been seeing in the area.

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