Andersonville National Historic Site honors veterans in history

Andersonville National Historic Site hosts Night at the Museum. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

ANDERSONVILLE, Ga. -- People took a step back in history to honor those who fought for this country hundreds of years ago.

The Andersonville National Historic Site hosted Night at the Museum Saturday night.

Christy Underwood lives up the street from the park and was curious to see the former confederate military prison at night.

"In night time it's more in tune with what Andersonville was and you can feel the spirits and stuff out here," said Underwood.

Saturday's experience for Underwood was unlike previous ones.

"You have more of a picture of what actually happened at Andersonville, we've seen the movie but it's nothing like living it in real life," Underwood said.

The park lit campfires and lanterns for people to navigate throughout the prison camp.

Park Ranger Jake Koch said at night people can get a more authentic civil war experience.

"Everything is different at night, we talk about suspending modern belief with a living history set up like we have it out there, it gives you a different perspective," said Koch.

People dressed up as soldiers and prisoners to retell the stories of those who lived through the infamous prisoner camp.

Underwood said Night at the Museum was the perfect way to celebrate veterans day.

"We have the beginning of veterans day right here with civil war reenactments and the civil war in the south, the battle between the states," Underwood said.

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