Beaufort County School Board, superintendent agree to part ways

Beaufort County Board of Education just announced they are splitting from the school district's superintendent, Jeff Moss. (Beaufort County Schools/WTGS background)

After five years, the Beaufort County Board of Education just announced they are splitting from the school district's superintendent, Jeff Moss.

That split will be effective July 31, 2018. The board says, the separation will help the school district to continue to move forward.

“As a board, we agree with Dr. Moss that a change in leadership is mutually desired at this point, though I am sad to see him go,” said Earl Campbell, chairman of the Beaufort County Board of Education. “We have made great progress during his five years with our district, and he, and we, should be proud of that.”

Upon his departure, Moss will be paid an amount equal to his 2017-2018 salary of $220,000, plus other benefits including $44,000 in contractually earned annuity and and payments for benefits and unused leave days.

“I’m very proud to have been a part of this school district during a period of growth, both academically and in enrollment,” Moss said. “I appreciate the opportunity to have served, and it’s my belief that the district is in a great position to continue to improve. The vision established should serve the district and community for years.”

Last October, as part of Moss’s annual evaluation, the board agreed to continue discussions with him on how best to move the district toward its full potential. Recently, the school board has been split, with roughly half supporting Moss and the others opposed to him.

“As a school district and as a board, we have our challenges, but we also have tremendous opportunities,” Vice-Chair Geri Kinton said before making the motion to accept Moss’s resignation.

“We acknowledge the outstanding contributions Dr. Moss has made to the district since arriving in July 2013, including numerous program expansions and initiatives that have greatly improved student opportunities and achievements," she said.

“We recognize our district is stronger than ever, with the highest graduation rates and increasing scholarship dollars offered to seniors, a robust volunteer program and the Leadership Institute that is successfully growing our own educational leaders,” she said. “The Beaufort County School District is poised to continue providing a strong teaching and learning environment and is in an excellent position to address its challenges."

“However,” Kinton said, “we and the superintendent mutually agree that a change in leadership at the superintendent level will allow the board to come together for continued growth and success in our district.”

The board will meet in coming weeks to discuss steps to recruit and hire a permanent superintendent to succeed Moss.

A likely option is to consider hiring an interim superintendent for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, providing the school board enough time to appropriately advertise, recruit and screen candidates, Campbell and Kinton said.

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