Bereavement group helps mothers, fathers move through sorrow

Edward Morgan is the Chaplain for Beaufort Memorial Hospital (Credit:Robert Catanese)

Beaufort Memorial Hospital Parents’ Bereavement Support Group is helping so many through some very difficult times.

Edward Morgan is the Chaplain at BMH and has been for eight years. Morgan starts his day at 5:30 a.m. and usually comforts up to 35 grieving families a day.

“There have been a lot of rewarding days, there's been a lot of days I cry all the way home,” said Morgan.

For Ed, this is personal. He has now made it his life’s passion to help families through loss.

“My wife and I lost a son back in 1964. I can tell you it's something you never get over but you can get past it,” said Morgan.

Morgan usually starts his day in the labor and delivery center of Beaufort Memorial. He says that is where most people begin their dream of a lifetime, but for a precious few,

“It's the beginning of a nightmare that can last a lifetime because their child is either born dead or premature and does not survive,” said Morgan.

Jean Jones is a patient advocate volunteer for the support group. For her, this journey of support is also a personal one.

“My husband and I have lost four babies. We lost three in various stages of the pregnancy and lost one at birth,” said Jones.

Jean says she has turned her sorrow into support for others who have lost a child.

“You can just reach them in a very deep level and I love it, I love being able to do that because it gives some purpose to what has happened in our lives,” said Jones.

Both Edward and Jean share the keys to getting over their past to help unlock healing for the future of others.

“We teach them to say up until now life has been hell but this day forward it can be a lot better that this is not the end and with the help of God it's a new beginning,” said Morgan.

The Beaufort Memorial Parents’ Bereavement Support Group meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. in classroom 350-C of the Beaufort Memorial Medical Plaza, 989 Ribaut Road.

“It's free there is no charge and the doors are open we start at 7 o'clock and we stay until the last person that's there is satisfied and feels better,” said Morgan.

For more information call 1-843-522-5176 or 1-843-522-PRAY(7729) or click here.

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