Bulloch County Sheriff's Office warns about 'green dot card' scam

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The Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office is receiving calls and concerns about someone impersonating a deputy under the pretense of “scamming” individuals for financial gain, according to a news release.

Sheriff Noel Brown wants to let everyone know that "if anyone calls you and identifies themselves as an employee of the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, or any other law enforcement agency, then you have the right to be vigilant and verify that person’s identity and place of employment. Request their supervisors name and then call the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office at (912) 764-8888."

He says that no one from the sheriff’s office will call you about paying money through any means to get out of a court appearance, jury duty, a warrant, or for any other reason.

Sheriff Brown encourages citizens not to fall victim to the multiple “scams” requesting people to purchase “green dot cards” and provide the numbers from the cards to the person on the phone.

Anyone with questions or who receives any calls similar this scam should call and report this activity to the appropriate law enforcement agency in your area.

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