E-911 call center disrupted due to switch malfunction

(MGN Graphic)

Savannah Chatham's 9-1-1 center was shut down for a short time Tuesday morning when a fire system emergency switch malfunctioned, according to the Chatham County Board of Commissioners.

The switch controls the fire system used for the server and data center in a separate part of the building.

Officials say during the short period that the 9-1-1 center was shut down, calls were switched to an alternative location and routed to the Savannah Civic Center.

The fire system maintenance vendor conducted a thorough investigation and ultimately determined that the switch malfunction was the cause of the incident. That same vendor had just conducted an annual inspection in June, where this malfunction was not found.

Chatham County says they have decided to replace all of the fire control emergency switches, like the one in the Chatham County Annex. Those systems are in at least three of the counties other buildings to protect data centers.

As of 2:30 p.m., the E 9-1-1 Center resumed normal operations, with little impact to the community. No calls were missed during the incident.

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