Career criminal sentenced to 20 years for stabbing of Estill man

    Daniel Lee Fludd (Credit: Estill PD)

    Justice came for the family of Bobby Atkin's last week in court.

    In March 2017, Atkins was stabbed to death and died on his mother's doorstep in Estill, S.C.

    According to the Fourteenth Solicitor's Office, Daniel Lee Fludd killed Atkins after Atkins wouldn't return a gold necklace.

    "Twice, I stabbed him twice," said Fludd in a recorded, police interview.

    However, according to a forensic pathologist who testified in the case, Atkins was stabbed six times.

    Prosecutor Tameaka Legette described the killing as senseless, odd, and brutal.

    “My initial thoughts were, 'Who kills anyone over a necklace,'" said Legette.

    But she said when you watch Fludd's chilling police interview, it makes more sense.

    “Those that do not believe what’s about to happen. Watch," said Fludd during the interview.

    Legette said that Fludd did not show remorse for what he did.

    “It strikes me almost as a sociopath, someone that you almost can’t necessarily rehabilitate," said Legette.

    Legette described Fludd as a career criminal. He had three prior criminal convictions across multiple states.

    Neighbors knew Bobby Atkins as "Champ."

    Cheino Black, who lives next door to Atkin's family, said he worked with him the day before he died.

    “Came home the next morning to go to work and heard that Bobby Atkins had been killed," said Black.

    He said even though his killer has been convicted, it's not the same without him.

    “Right now if he was here, we probably would have been out here drinking some liquor, some beer. Sit and tell with the fire barrel or whatever, you know what I’m saying, but he’s gone now," said Black.

    Fludd's trial lasted for three days.

    The jury deliberated for an hour before returning Fludd's guilty verdict.

    Legette said that because Fludd was convicted of a violent crime, he will have to remain in prison for 85 percent of his sentence before he could be eligible for parole.

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