Carver Village triple murder trial enters day two, third alleged suspect takes stand

diamond butler on stand.PNG
The third alleged suspect in the Oct. 2015 Carver Village triple murder, Diamond Butler, took the stand Tuesday to testify against the remaining two defendants. (Credit: Josie Gregory)

The third alleged suspect in the October 2015 Carver Village triple murder took the stand Tuesday to testify against the remaining two defendants.

Police arrested and charged Diamond Butler in the triple murder. Investigators said in a press release the shooting stemmed from an ongoing tenant dispute between Kiana Marshall and Butler.

State prosecutors said Kiana Marshall had asked Butler and another girl to move out on Oct. 21, 2015.

Marshall's mother, Regina Marshall, took the stand Tuesday. She testified Marshall had told her the girls had "disrespected" her house.

"Coming in all times of the night and having company like at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning," she said.

Regina Marshall also testified her daughter told her the two girls had only lived there for a week or two, and had asked each of them to pay $250 for rent by Oct. 21, 2017.

She said Butler and the other girl did not pay, so Marshall asked them to move out.

"I told her to get ... I cursed, I said, 'Get her out your house,'" Regina Marshall said.

Marshall also testified that Corey Marshall, her son and also another victim in the shooting, called the girls and told them to come get all of their belongings. She also said, when Butler had asked Kiana Marshall for more time to get her things out, Marshall said no and their belongings had to be gone by Oct. 21.

Prosecutors claim this made Butler upset. They also said James Hampton and Dwayne Abney drove Butler and the other girl to the home on Lynah Street to get their things.

Butler testified when she was alone with Hampton outside of the home that Hampton asked her if she wanted him to shoot up the house, in slang terms. She testified she said, yes, and that she did not care.

She then said Hampton and Abney dropped them off at a home in Yamacraw Village. Butler testified Hampton and Abney then went back to the home just after midnight.

However, Hampton's lawyer argued Butler never saw them go back to the home.

"Okay, technically, I was not there," Butler said.

Butler then said Hampton whispered in her ear that he had killed Alexis Kitchens, Kiana Marshall, and Corey Marshall. She testified she did not ask him to kill anyone.

Butler also testified Hampton told her Abney only pushed Kitchens and told Hampton to kill her.

Two jailhouse informants, who say they spoke to Hampton and Abney about the case, supported Butler's account of the night's events leading up to the shooting.

State prosecutors also called police experts to answer questions about evidence in the case. They told jurors they found nine shell casings the same caliber and manufacturer found in Hampton's Yamacraw Village home.

Witness testimony continues Wednesday.