CEMA Prepare-A-Thon to hold 'Ask the Experts' telethon


CEMA's Prepare-A-Thon is coming to a close, but they still want to get you involved, so they're bringing the experts to you.

They're holding an "Ask the Experts" telethon Friday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Experts from emergency agencies, Georgia Power and even our own Chief Forecaster Jason Frazer will be on hand to answer your questions about what you should do during an emergency.

The Chatham County Youth Commission will be answering the phones during the telethon and directing questions to the appropriate expert.

Some examples of emergency preparedness questions are: When should you evacuate? How can you prepare your home for a storm? Do you need flood insurance? How can you receive emergency alerts?

You can join in by calling 912-201-4500.

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