Chatham County officials provide update on impact of Florence

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    Chatham County officials held a press conference Monday at 3 p.m. with an update on Hurricane Florence.

    County Manager, Lee Smith, said as of right now, don’t expect any significant impact in Chatham County. He said we are in a better situation today than we were in yesterday.

    Chatham Emergency Management Agency Director Dennis Jones said Chatham County is now outside the "cone of uncertainty" and continues to move further away with each advisory.

    Jones said the chance for tropical storm force winds in Chatham County are decreasing with each advisory, but we still could see some strong winds. There is also always a chance of rainfall associated with tropical storms. Officials said we will likely see typical thunderstorms.

    Jones said Chatham County has been in operating condition 4 since Friday. OPCON 4 means they monitoring the storm and sending updates through their CEMA alert system and on social media. They said they are in constant contact with the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center.

    Officials said to remember the situation can rapidly change and everyone should still be making preparations. They say if you don’t have a disaster kit ready, put one together. If you don’t need it for this storm you’ll have it for the next one.

    Officials are ready to move into the next stage of operating conditions and emergency plans if things do change. They said they will continue to update the media and the public as information comes in.

    Jones also read statements from some of their partners.

    Airport officials said they are also in OPCON 4. They are monitoring the storm but the airport is still operating. They said to check your airline to verify flight times and schedules.

    Tybee Island officials said they are advising people to stay out of the water until the storm passes because of rip currents.

    Chatham County Public Schools said there is no need to alter the school schedule for tomorrow at this time. They said they will continue to monitor the situation.

    Jones also said to note that the regular high tide cycle is in effect but it is not associated with Florence. The storm might bring some higher waves but the high tide is a normal sequence of the tide cycle.

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