Chatham County Police Chief, officers sworn into new department

Jeff Hadley (Left) takes an oath at Monday's swearing in ceremony (Photo: Ian Dembling)

Jeff Hadley, Chatham County's new police chief took an oath Monday, and he says he plans to stand by that oath.

He is the first Chatham County Police Chief since the department merged in 2005 with the Savannah Police Department. A recent decision by the City of Savannah is causing a de-merger by February 2018.

Hadley says he was excited for the job and is ready for the challenge.

"I don't have any reservations, I never had any reservations through the entire interview process," he said.

Hadley spent nine years working as the police chief for the Kalamazoo Police Department in Kalamazoo, Michigan. So far he's the only member of the brand new Chatham County Police Department who's never worked in the county before.

The other 24 officers are either from Savannah Chatham Metro's police force, or retirees from the old Chatham County Police Department, who are now are coming back out of retirement to serve the community.

"We are working hard and we're going to listen to them. Regardless of their feelings on the situation, we're here," Hadley said.