City council hears plans for a possible Forsyth Park 'Master Plan'

    City council hears plans for a possible Forsyth Park 'Master Plan' (Katie Filling WTGS)

    City Council members talked about a possible 'Master Plan' for Forsyth Park on Thursday.

    A local organization, Trustee's Garden Club, wants to partner with the city to create a plan to preserve its history and determine future use of the park.

    Eleanor Rangos with Trustee's Garden Club said they would develop the plan and pay for it.

    "Protect this precious asset while also allowing it to evolve to meet the demands of modern life," said Rangos. "Over the years as a city, our tourism has grown and so has the amount of and types of usage of the park. In some ways, the park is being loved to death."

    Meb Ryan with the club said it won’t determine every specific use and detail, but will help decision making when any possible changes are brought up.

    "Possible phase projects, guidelines for things such as fixtures and furnishings, vegetation plans and educational opportunities," said Ryan.

    The Trustee’s Garden Club has completed what they call one of the most comprehensive reports in history done of all the historical aspects of Forsyth Park. They've been working on it for years.

    Through their research, they determined that the park is not part of the Historic Landmark District of Savannah. Therefore, that report will be submitted to the Department of Interior in hopes of getting the park official historic designation.

    City council members said they support the idea of partnering with the group for the master plan.

    Trustee's Garden Club said a major part of this plan will come from community input. They will have meetings to gather those ideas. A draft plan will then be drawn up and presented again to city council. They will then talk about whether or not they will go through with implementing it.

    Council members and the city manager said they want to talk about a separate plan that would address putting in metered parking and building more restrooms, if they could find the funding.

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