Cyber security program looks to help fill 11,000 security jobs in Georgia

    Cyber crime estimate totals top $6 trillion by 2021 (Credit: Mile 2 cyber security)<p>{/p}

    The Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia has teamed up with Mile 2 Cyber Security, a consulting firm, to address the growing cyber attacks statewide.

    Allen Burns is the Executive Director of CRC.

    “It's a growing threat, I don't think a day goes by when somebody is not trying to hack a system somewhere in our region,” said Burns.

    FBI statistics show more than 4,000 ransomware attacks happen daily, globally.

    Only 38 percent of global organizations are prepared for an attack and 60 percent of businesses that get hacked go out of business within two years.

    In February, an attack against the City of Savannah crippled employees of Chatham County’s Recorder’s Court, while a separate attack against the City of Hinesville took government phone systems and email offline. One month later in March, a ransomware attack brought the City of Atlanta to its knees, and is expected to cost taxpayers more than $3 million to restore and replace IT infrastructure.

    Michael Kaplan is a cyber security instructor at Mile 2 who has partnered with CRC to train both members of the public and private sector.

    “What people need to realize is that cyber touches them, whether they think they touch it or not,” he said.

    Right now, Georgia is in need of more than 11,000 cyber specialists to help with the growing global problem. Nationally, there is a demand for more than 300,000 and by 2020, that need jumps to 1.8 million.

    “What we want to do is to be able to assist in providing educational opportunities for people to get certified to protect our cyber assets throughout the coastal region,” said Burns.

    CRC and Mile 2 will be holding three upcoming courses for anyone who is interested:

    • July 30-Aug. 2---Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer
    • Aug. 27-31---Certified Information Security Officer
    • Sept. 26-28---Certified Vulnerability Assessor

    For more information call 912-437-0800 or email or

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