Downtown Savannah is being taken back in time by Disney filmmakers

    Filming on Wright Square on Monday afternoon. (WTGS Caitlyn Penter) <p>{/p}

    For the past couple weeks, Disney has been filming 'Goodbye Stranger' in downtown Savannah.

    Visitors and residents alike have been standing by trying to catch a sneak peek of the 'Lady and the Tramp' live action remake.

    “I’m blown by it, this the first time I’ve ever seen a movie shot before,” said Timothy Johnson. Johnson works downtown.

    He said that it's definitely been a sight to see.

    “It’s a great experience you know to see that cause I always wanted to see that first hand," said Johnson.

    According to Disney, the movie takes Savannah back in time to 1910.

    On Monday afternoon in Wright Square, actors dressed in old-time clothes stood by antique cars.

    Chad Dubose works at Rivers and Glen Trading Co. The movie was being filmed right across the street on Monday. He said it's great.

    “It’s great for bringing people in. They don’t really pull away traffic from any of the stores if anything they draw people into the stores wanting to know what’s going on with the films," said Dubose.

    He said his shop is no stranger to movies. Last fall, a movie was shot directly next to it. He said the movie staff is pretty accommodating.

    “They were very good at communicating with us," said Dubose.

    He said although it's good for business, it has negatively impacted some of his neighbors where he lives downtown.

    “Some people were ticketed from having to get pushed off from their normal parking spots. So that was a little inconvenient," said Dubose. The neighbors he referred to had moved their cars into street sweep zones.

    According to Disney, they will be filming from now until November. The movie is solely being filmed in Savannah.

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