Effingham county schools launch Tip411 app, security reception areas

Effingham County Schools launched Tip411 app (Katie Filling WTGS)

The Effingham County School District is implementing new school safety precautions.

They launched a Tip411 app for students and community members to submit anonymous tips.

Assistant Superintendent Yancy Ford said these tips can be a range of concerns.

"Drug related. Or whether it’s someone that’s bullying another child, someone that’s self harming themselves, someone that’s planning to hurt other students here at school," he said.

He said they felt it was important to keep it anonymous so students would feel comfortable telling the school things without worrying about other students finding out.

Crystal Woodward is the mother of a senior boy at Effingham County High School, and she agrees with Ford.

"There’s a lot of pressure on them with bullying and things, I think that it’s good that it’s anonymous so they don’t feel like they’re going to get crucified by other students," she said.

The tips will go to the administration and the school resource officers so they can investigate.

Another safety precaution the district is taking is adding security vestibules at the main entrance of the schools.

The receptionist will sit there and verify anyone who comes in and out of the school. The doors will be locked at all times until people can prove they have a reason to go inside.

"The most important job we can do besides educating the kids is providing a safe environment," said Ford.

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