Ellis Montessori meeting ends with more questions than answers for parents

SPD chief Mark Revenew and Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett host public meeting for concerned parents at Ellis Montessori Academy (Credit:Robert Catanese)

On Tuesday, concerned parents whose children attend Charles Ellis Montessori Academy in Savannah attended a public meeting.

Savannah Police command staff joined Savannah-Chatham school superintendent Dr. Ann Levett in hosting the forum.

Parents told FOX 28 they were hoping to get answers regarding the pending criminal investigation of former teacher Robert Anderson.

Anderson, a teacher at Ellis Montessori, was the target of an arrest warrant that police were hoping to serve last Friday.

Police say Anderson was wanted for sexual exploitation of children and for possession of child pornography.

When police arrived to serve the warrant, Anderson was found dead.

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“We have to protect the integrity of the investigation,” said Chief Mark Revenew.

Revenew spoke to dozens of concerned parents all looking for answers to the Anderson internet crime case.

“We are partnered with GBI, Internet Crimes Against Children and other national organizations that we work very closely with,” he said.

At times during the meeting, parents were yelling out questions to both Revenew and Levett.

Tim Zielenbach is a father of two boys that attend Ellis Montessori.

“What concerned me the most about this evening's gathering was the fact that no information came along,” he said.

With more questions coming from concerned parents, Levett adjourned the meeting, but did say, “If you would like to speak after the meeting, since we are closing the meeting at this point, if you would like to speak after the meeting I will be happy to talk with you.”

That did not sit well for those in attendance, and had parents questioning why the meeting occurred.

“This is a country where we should be able to ask questions of our leaders, whether it’s a school board or a police officer, and get responses,” said Zielenbach.

He, like so many in attendance, left with more questions than answers.

“Is the FBI involved? We don’t have any information about the investigation so we don’t know. We are trying to ask questions about what the hell is going on and we have been respectfully stonewalled,” he said.

Both Revenew and Levett did answer some questions after the meeting.

Every parent was given a questionnaire to write down comments, concerns and questions.

Revenew did say that preliminary investigations reveal that Anderson’s internet crimes did not involve any children from the district.

It is, however, unclear how long the investigation will take to complete and how long parents could expect to wait to get answers.