Employer talks success one month after Savannah job fair

Krystal District Manager Tony Williams works with an employee (Credit:Briana Trusty).

It's been exactly a month since Savannah hosted its second-ever job fair. More than 2,500 jobs were up for grabs and more than 100 companies came out looking to hire employees.

Fast food company, Krystal, was one of them.

“We are never in a position that we don’t want to bring on better talent to team," said Tony Williams, Krystal district manager.

This year, hiring managers knew who they were looking for.

“We had some lessons learned from last year because last year, we thought it was just about managers but it was about all positions," said Williams.

They filled half of their 40 open positions.

“It’s like batting in baseball: if you can get 3 out of 10, it’s worth the whole three-hour day," he said.

Williams appreciated the opportunity to meet applicants on a larger scale.

“It’s just another avenue for us to continue to bring on talent," he said. “Sometimes when you’re just depending on online sources, you don’t know what you get. At a job fair you get to see people, you get to hear their stories.”

He heard many stories from people at the job fair who were ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work immediately.

“At the job fair, 90 percent of the people who came up said, ‘Hey, I’m ready to go to work today. I’ve been out of work for three months’ or whatever it may be. Everybody has a different situation, but most of them are ready to go right then and there.”

With a poverty rate of 26 percent in Savannah, the mayor hopes these job fairs will put a dent in the statistic.

“This is our best way to fight poverty," said Mayor DeLoach. "This is our goal to see what we can do about improving the situation for a lot of folks here in the City of Savannah.”

Companies like Krystal are more than willing to lend that helping hand.

Three other employers who were at last month's job fair also said they found at least half of the employees they needed.

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