Faith leaders joins Savannah Police in search of crime solutions

    Dozens of Savannah religious leaders gather to join forces with Savannah Police to curb crime (Credit:Robert Catanese)<p>{/p}

    On Monday, faith leaders from across Savannah and the religious spectrum gathered with Savannah Police command staff to come up with solutions to crime within the communities.

    Incoming Chief Roy Minter addressed the crowd and spoke about the importance of building relationships with community leaders and clergy. He said he is looking to enhance community based policing by targeting gangs, drugs and guns.

    “Community policing basically involves a partnership with the police department and members of the community. We want to go above and beyond that. We want to have a relationship with members of our community,” he said.

    Interim assistant Chief DeVonn Adams said he credits the reduction of crime within neighborhoods to community involvement and said it can begin with religious leaders.

    “The clergy is a very important part of what we want to do to help regain our youth and rebuild our community,” he said.

    Pastor Lee Parris of West Broad Seventh Day Adventist said fighting crime is a collective effort.

    “When we come together, it’s not me against you, it’s all of us together and we can make sure we can do a good job for the Lord and our community,” he said.

    Pastor Willis Blake of Lord Ministries echoed the sentiment.

    “It’s a call to action for all parties involved from the church, to the families, to the schools, to the media, all of us need to work together to make that happen,” he said.

    Everyone agreed, with prayer anything is possible.

    “The solution is in this room. If we come understanding that we are stronger together, we can make a difference in society,” said Parris.

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