Former criminal investigator sues Darien Police Department

(Ian Dembling/FOX28)

Two former undercover officers with the Darien Police Department are now suing their former employer.

In November, FOX 28 exclusively told viewers about Korone Robinson, a black officer fired by Darien Police in 2016. He says his firing was because of an interracial relationship with another officer.

Stacy Miller's attorney Scott Reddock says Miller was Robinson's white girlfriend. Reddock says after Miller and Robinson disclosed their relationship, they were discriminated against. However, before the two went public, Miller says she was discriminated against, as she was just one of two women on the force.

Reddock says Miller was barred from certain training opportunities and was the only DPD officer that wasn't issued a long gun. Miller also had concerns about getting paid less to do a more important job when she moved from patrol to the sole full-time criminal investigator in 2014.

Miller filed an EEOC complaint in February of 2016.

"When Ms. Miller filed her EEOC complaint she received inappropriate pressure from superiors," Reddock said. "And this pressure took the form of not so veiled threats of criminal charges against her…it's against federal law. You cannot take retaliatory action against an employee for seeking redress through an EEOC grievance".

In fear of losing her job, Miller withdrew her complaint in June of 2016.

Reddock says when DPD fired Robinson in August of 2016, Miller feared she'd be next. The following month she resigned and in March of 2017 submitted a new EEOC complaint for gender discrimination.

Reddock says the city never responded to Miller's second EEOC complaint, and after Miller received her right to sue letter, she filed suit in December of last year.

Robinson and Miller are no longer dating and blame the city and the police department for straining their relationship.

FOX 28 has reached out multiple times to the City of Darien's city manager to respond to both Robinson and Miller's lawsuits. When asked about Robinson's lawsuit, city manager Tim Sweezey said he has "no comment". When he was asked to return our calls about Miller's lawsuit, he never did.

The city's attorney has asked FOX 28 for a live interview in place of a recorded interview in response to Robinson's lawsuit, and since that opportunity was not presented to other parties in this lawsuit, we have not fulfilled that request.

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