Florence weakens. Wind threat lessens, but flooding rain & storm surge threat high

    Wind Potential

    2am Friday - Florence continues to weaken, but also continues to slow down as it approaches the North Carolina coast. Florence will eventually make landfall near Wilmington, NC early to mid morning Friday.

    Florence Forecast Track

    As Florence continues to weaken, it will make landfall as a category 1 hurricane. Further weakening will occur once it makes landfall. However, the slow moving nature of Florence will cause a long duration rain event lasting through at least Sunday.

    WIND: Conditions will continue to go downhill overnight through Friday with 60-80 mph wind gusts possible over Horry County from Friday morning through Saturday morning. The rest of the area will see tropical storm force winds between 40-60 mph Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon.

    Wind Potential

    RAIN: Bands of heavy rain will move through the area Friday through early Sunday morning. It's very difficult to know exactly where the heaviest rain will be, so know that the projected rainfall totals and location of highest amounts will change. There is still a high risk of flooding because of how slow Florence will be moving. Some areas along the border belt could see over 20" of rain.

    Rainfall Forecast

    STORM SURGE - Florence has put a lot of water in motion and that will likely mean significant coastal flooding and damage, especially on the north end of the Grand Strand where the rise in water will be higher. The water is already high and the worst part of the storm surge will be Saturday.

    Storm Surge Forecast

    Stay tuned to ABC 15 for round the clock coverage of Hurricane Florence. We'll be working for you for the duration of the storm!

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