Georgia Historical Society hosts Georgia Day Parade

An estimated 3,000 Savannah area school children marched in Friday's parade (Credit:Robert Catanese)

The Georgia Historical Society hosted the annual Georgia Day Parade on Friday.

The parade comes as a part of the annual commemoration of the founding of the Georgia colony on Feb. 12, 1733 by James Edward Oglethorpe, a tradition dating back to the earliest years of the colony.

Students from Chatham County marched with musicians and local leaders from Forsyth Park to City Hall.

Mayor Pro tem Carol Bell was joined by Mayor Eddie DeLoach, Alderman Julian Miller and Bill Durrence.

"It's a major tradition for this community to celebrate the founding of Georgia, to celebrate all of the wonderful accomplishments we've made over the years. It's great to celebrate with the school kids," said Bell.

The parade was capped off by West Chatham Elementary taking first place in the banner competition.

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