'Give us time': Savannah homeless worried they will be evicted

Homeless people under Truman Parkway waiting to hear if they can stay. (Caitlyn Penter WTGS)

Homeless people under Truman Parkway are fearing eviction, after some of them have called the camp their home for nearly a decade.

Many of them say it's their only option for shelter, and they don't know who to turn to for help.

"If I knew how to fight for it, I would," said Kathy, a homeless person living in the camp.

Kathy also said the camp is not what it once was.

Referring to some of her fellow neighbors, she said, "They keep this place a mess."

The homeless people in the camp hope that the city will consider letting them stay until they are able to find long-term housing.

"Give us time. Don't give us 24 hours notice. Give us 30 days or something like that," said a homeless veteran also living in the camp.

Cindy Kelley, the executive director of Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless, said the overarching issue is that there is nowhere else these homeless people can go.

"It's the reason the population is growing," said Kelley.

Kelley said there is a chronic shortage of low income housing in Savannah and the process of obtaining housing is "really, really difficult."

When people apply for low income housing, they answer a series of questions that then generate a rank number. People with higher numbers have better chances at being selected.

Last November, 15,000 people qualified for low income housing, but there was nothing available for them.

Kelley said it's going to take some serious policy changes to see any change.

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