Homicide victim's family pleads with community to help resolve 2016 unsolved case

(Credit: Briana Trusty)

The annual Orange Crush event is right around the corner, and while for some it is a time of celebration, it is a time of mourning for one family who lost a loved one during the event two years ago.

The search for answers about the death of their son, brother and nephew led the family of Brandon Champion back to Savannah two years after his death.

"He was only 25 years old. He came up here with his friends and he didn't come back and we don't know what happened," said Faye Strowder, mother of Brandon Champion.

The family wanted to hold a press conference to show that, despite the time that has passed, they aren't giving up on getting answers.

"It's going on two years now and as you can see, me and my family are still dealing with it," said Alvin Champion, father of Brandon Champion. "It's not an easy task. It's difficult when you lose a loved one and you really don't have any answers."

Brandon Champion came to Savannah in 2016 to join in on the annual Orange Crush festivities on Tybee Island.

On April 17, 2016, he was found on the shoulder of the southbound lane of Harry Truman Parkway with gunshot wounds. He was transported to a hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Two years later, investigators are still not sure what happened, but they do know that it happened during Orange Crush, when people come from all over to party on the beach.

"We know that there were a lot of people from out of town, from surrounding counties, from other states and especially from Atlanta," said Detective Jacob Schroyer of the Savannah Police Department.

Champion's family is hoping that with Orange Crush coming up again, the return of the event will cause someone to remember something and bring them peace of mind.

"This is hard on us," said Regina Ray, aunt of Brandon Champion. "If anyone knows something, please put an end to it. I mean, we can't replace him but if we can [have] justice, just some kind of justice, that'll help.

Anyone with information concerning the death of Brandon Champion is encouraged to contact Crimestoppers.