H&R Block collects school supply donations through nationwide campaign

    H & R Block's "Stock the Desk" event runs from January 2 until January 15 (Credit:Briana Trusty).

    Jan. 14 is National Clean Off Your Desk Day, but HH&R Block is looking to do the opposite with a nationwide campaign.

    The company's "Stock the Desk" event is in full swing. The goal is to collect as many school supplies as possible to support schools across our area.

    From pencils and pens to notebooks, HH&R Block wants to help make sure students and staff have what they need to succeed.

    “It means a lot to the students and also to the teachers and because we’re not just trying to stock the desks of the students, but also the teachers," said D.D. Seckinger, HH&R Block office manager. "You'd be surprised what a teacher actually needs. So instead of having to purchase them on their own, we want to be able to help them out with that.”

    HH&R Block's in the Greater Savannah area will be accepting donations through closing time Tuesday.

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