Humane Society appreciates community support with Florence foster program

The Roberts family plays with their newly adopted Florence foster animal, Roger (Credit: Briana Trusty).

In the days leading up to Florence, the Humane Society asked people to temporarily take in their animals. Now, days after the storm has left our area, some of those animals are coming back to the shelter. Whether the animals are being brought back or brought in out of harm's way, the organization is very grateful to the community.

Humane Society workers like Courtney Foor have seen their fair share of hurricanes.

“Since I’ve been here, this is the third storm," said Courtney Foor, the Humane Society adoption manager.

At this point, they have their evacuation process down pat.

“Foster out as many as possible, take the rest," said Foor.

They want to be prepared for whatever comes their way.

“If we do flood, if we do have a power outage, if anything happens we want to make sure that the animals are as safe as possible," she said.

This year, the Humane Society got about 75 percent of the shelter's animals into a temporary home ahead of the expected storm.

“Some people took more than one," she said. "We had one foster who took four cats.”

Foor said it's nice to see the show of support.

“We do have the animal lovers out there that are keeping tabs on everything that is going on and really wanting to come and really wanting to help these animals," she said."

And the support doesn't stop with the community. Even though the Humane Society isn't taking in any animals from North Carolina, they have been taking in some from the surrounding communities.

“We just recently, yesterday actually, took in four dogs," she said.

Those animals will join the Florence fosters who have been brought back in the days following the storm. However, even though 3/4 of the Florence fosters are back in their cages, some didn't have to stay very long.

The Roberts family went to the shelter Wednesday and immediately knew they wanted to take home one of the cats, Roger.

“Whenever we were walking past the window, both of these guys, the first thing they said is 'Oh, we want him'," said Jennifer Roberts.

Roberts says finding out Roger was a Florence foster animal made the adoption all the sweeter.

“Just adding him in to complete our little family makes it even more special," she said.

For more information on how to take home your own Florence foster, visit the Humane Society website.

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