Hurricane summit addresses Coastal Empire emergency management preparedness

    Hurricane summit addresses Coastal Empire emergency management preparedness. (WTGS)

    A hurricane conference was held in Richmond Hill on Monday morning. It brought Congressman Buddy Carter and emergency management agencies from all counties in his district together to talk about hurricane preparedness.

    Hurricane Florence did not have a direct hit on the Savannah area, but officials said they're preparing for future storms.

    Congressman Carter said he thought preparations for Florence went well, but coordination with surrounding states needs some work.

    "When Florida and South Carolina declare a state of emergency but Georgia doesn't, that creates a problem. Everyone from Florida comes up to south Georgia, everyone from South Carolina comes over to the Atlanta area, so if Georgia needs to declare a state of emergency, all the hotels are already taken up," said Carter.

    He said the other problem that was brought up is deciding when to let people back in after a mandatory evacuation. He said many people call them because they are anxious to get back to their home and their possessions. However, it's a tricky call for officials to determine when it is safe enough for people to return.

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