Katie Arrington stopped in Beaufort during first week back since accident

Katie Arrington stopped in Beaufort for one of her first two rallies since her car accident in June. (Caitlyn Penter WTGS)

Katie Arrington is back on the campaign trail less than a month after being in a head-on collision.

Arrington made two stops this week in Mount Pleasant and Beaufort.

At the rally in Beaufort, Arrington opened up to the crowd of supporters.

"I'm driving down tonight and I'm a little choked up. It was hard and I'm shaking because I drove by the site," said Arrington.

Her injuries have required extensive recovery.

"I broke both of my feet, I smashed and trashed this ankle, which will never be right again," said Arrington.

She said she is here by the grace of God, and can't thank the community enough for their continued support.

Carter Freeman, a local kid from Beaufort, went to Arrington's rally because he looks up to her.

"I mean, I'm shocked that she can build up the courage to come out here and speak in front of the people right after she got damaged in a car accident," said Freeman.

According to Arrington, her friend Jackie Goff, who was in the car with her during the crash, will remain in the hospital for several more weeks. Arrington also said she continues to pray for the driver of the other car who died on impact.

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