UPDATE: Brian Kemp says he's 'confident victory is near'



    ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY, Ga. -- Republican candidate Brian Kemp said early Wednesday morning that he's "confident victory is near," but is waiting on final results.

    Kemp, the Secretary of State, leads Stacey Abrams by less than 100,000 votes with 100 percent of the precincts in. The unofficial results show Kemp with 1,947,503 votes to Abrams' 1,852,995 votes.

    “The math is on our side to win this election,” Kemp said from his headquarters in Savannah.

    "There are votes left to count, but we have a very strong lead," he added.

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    ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY, Ga. -- Organizers started getting things ready early Tuesday at Brian Kemp's election watch party headquarters in Athens-Clarke County.

    Kemp himself checked everything out hours before the polls closed, just as Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams was also preparing for a watch party in Atlanta.

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    The Georgia gubernatorial race has been hotly contested as the candidates have been hot on the campaign trail for months.

    Kemp has been campaigning hard on his four point plan since he put his hat in the race for governor. He said a big part of that plan is putting Georgia first by focusing on patient-based healthcare.

    Kemp also said he plans to improve the rural healthcare system that's been failing for years.

    "Doctors are losing 14 cents on the dollar for every Medicaid patient that they take. That is unsustainable, if you put more people into the program you're just going to have more physicians that are going to do like they've been doing in the past and not take Medicaid patients. What we need to do is bring innovation, technology, and free market principles to health care, to lower costs. I'm absolutely positively do that as governor that is the first place we need to start is to lower costs to create more dollars to give to providers so they'll see more patients," said Kemp.

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    Stick with WGXA news throughout Election Day. Check here for results.

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