Local dog lovers ask residents to avoid buying puppies at flea markets

Savannah, Ga. (WTGS)--While most people in Chatham County love and cherish their four-legged companions, Lynn Skinner with the Georgia Regional Rescue and Rehabilitation non-profit group says some people abuse their dogs.

"I've seen a puppy put into a burlap bag and used as a soccer ball," Skinner said.

Earlier in November, Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police say they found a six month old puppy on East Lathrop Ave. It had been burned and left at the bottom of a trash can.

It's cases like these that compels Skinner to care for dogs at her home, giving them a second chance at a happier life. Skinner says families looking for a dog can also look into adopting from the animal shelter or humane society and should avoid purchasing a dog online, and above all else, look out for backyard breeders.

"The dogs aren't healthy and it's a shame," Skinner said.

Chatham County Animal Services classifies backyard breeders as anyone who is over breeding dogs for profit and selling them online or at flea markets. Skinner says often these dogs have health problems for life.

For more on Skinner's non-profit and how you can take home a forever pet, visit http://g-r-r-r.com/

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