Local Rabbi responds to Black Lives Matter platform accusing Israel of genocide, apartheid

Rabbi Robert Haas of Congregation Mickve Israel called the new genocide and apartheid platform by BLM "obscene." (WTGS FOX 28)

The Black Lives Matter movement may have undercut one of its greatest allies.

In a recent unveiling of the social and political platform, BLM accused Israel of genocide and apartheid.

As part of their agenda, which has shocked the Jewish community, BLM said that the U.S. justifies and advances the global war on terror through its alliance with Israel and is complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people.

Rabbi Robert Haas of Congregation Mickve Israel said this platform is alarming.

“It is an insult to Jews and to the state of Israel. There has been a lot of anti-Israel sentiment out there perpetrated by people who really just hate Jews," he said.

Haas went on to say that although Jews have always shared a common interest with BLM when it comes to human rights, there is a radical element that cannot be accepted.

“Whether you're a Republican or Democrat a liberal or conservative, whether you're any color or any race or religion, the radicals are out there to harm and disrupt. We want to create harmony,” said Haas.

One of the authors of the manifesto is Benjamin Kabuye from the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

Kabuye said they are against giving military aid and U.S. funding to Israel. He said black activists feel connected to the Palestinian conflict.

Haas responded to Kabuye's comment with sadness.

"What saddened me was the direction it took in terms of the state of Israel. Because as a Jew, as someone who has dedicated to the state of Israel, it was disheartening just to see that they equated the Black Lives Matter with the Palestinian uprising,” Haas said.

According to the BLM movement, it is in the foreign aid that the United States gives to Israel that makes them complicit in the abuses committed by the Israeli government, which defines the apartheid state.

In a statement released Friday by the founder of the Savannah BLM chapter, Jomo Johnson said, “Black Lives Matter has not made any such statement and any insinuation that the statement comes from BLM are false.”

Johnson said there is a radical faction within BLM, or at least using the title of the movement, to create divisiveness.

This new manifesto moved beyond from the police brutality, human rights issues that may have been the originating principles. However, Haas said the Jewish community remains steadfast in their principles.

The manifesto also included a list of demands.

Those demands included voting rights for illegal immigrants, dissolution of large banks, end to private education and charter schools and “universal basic income” and free college to people of color.

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