Malik Spencer has been missing for a month; his parents are pleading for information

    Heyward Ransom and Michelle Spencer-Ransom (Katie Filling WTGS)

    Sunday marks the twenty-seventh day Malik Spencer has been missing.

    His parents still don't have answers to what happened as they are approaching about a month without their son.

    They are pleading that anyone in the community with information about his disappearance come forward to help bring him home.

    Heyward Ransom and Michelle Spencer-Ransom said their 18-year-old son went missing from Beaufort on Tuesday, Dec. 18. He is a student at Whale Branch High School.

    "It just tears me apart, it’s just tearing the family apart," said Spencer-Ransom. "I believe there are several people who know what happened to him."

    Malik Spencer (Credit: Michelle Spencer-Ransom)

    The parents said nothing unusual happened in the days leading up to it. And they said this isn't like Malik.

    "This is what concerns us so much because he’s not the type of kid that would not check in, you know, he always checks in," said Ransom.

    They said Malik sent a Facebook message the night before he disappeared to a girl he was supposed to take to school that Tuesday .

    "He was telling her that he could not pick her up for school because he had something to do," said Spencer-Ransom.

    He didn’t show up for school or to his job at Wendy's. His parents then reported him missing to the Sheriff’s Office.

    "Three days later, they found his car out in St. Helena Island in a very rural area," said Ransom. "As far as we know, he doesn’t really know anybody out in that area-- we don’t know anybody out in that area-- we don’t even go in that area."

    Malik Spencer (Credit: Michelle Spencer-Ransom)

    Investigators searched the area but didn’t find Malik. The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said they suspect foul play was involved in his disappearance.

    The family just doubled the reward over the weekend to $4,000 for anyone who comes forward with concrete information.

    Theresa Roberts is the pastor at the family’s church, Love House Ministries. She’s putting together a team called "Operation Find Malik" to think outside the box. It's made up of parents, teachers, students, pastors, and several others.

    "Our goal has been to come together to look at ideas that may not have been obvious at his disappearance," said Roberts.

    She’s been researching things like human trafficking and the number of missing children in the area. She said her research shows those numbers are on the rise.

    "I am on a mandate that we are finding more children, however that may be and where ever they are, we want children home," said Roberts.

    She is also looking into Amber Alerts. She said one was not sent out for Malik because he is 18. However, he is still in high school, so she thinks he should be considered a child. Roberts said they had to wait more than 24 hours until the public was notified that Malik was missing.

    Malik’s family and friends said he is a good kid that never got into trouble. They say they're staying hopeful that he will come home.

    "He’s not home and our home is empty without Malik," said Ransom.

    The family also started an account at the Navy Federal Credit Union called "Bring Malik Back." You can donate to the account to help with their efforts and to offer rewards for information. Donate at any Navy Federal Credit Union or using the app Zelle.

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