MUMC board of directors press on with sale of Memorial Health

The MUMC board of directors met Thursday night (Credit: Shelbey Roberts)

The multi-million dollar sale of Memorial University Medical Center to Healthcare Corporation of America could be right around the corner.

MUMC board members met Thursday night and almost immediately adjourned for a closed door executive session. Those discussions lasted for about an hour.

Following the meeting, Chairman Curtis Lewis spoke very briefly to the media but did not take any questions.

Lewis said the board is pressing on with the sale of the hospital.

“The transaction is moving along very well. We don’t see any impediments to completing that transaction," Lewis said. “There are—as I said before there are a few I’s to dot and T’s to cross as I’ll call it. Hopefully, most of that will get done in the next week or so. So we are expecting a closing we hope by the end of the month.”

Lewis went on to say that the close may not happen that soon seeing that this is "a complicated transaction."

Dr. Frank Rossiter, the Chairman of the Chatham County Hospital Authority, also attended the meeting.

FOX 28 was told on Tuesday, that Rossiter would address the media alongside Lewis following Thursday's meeting. However, that did not happen. FOX 28 was told that Rossiter had “another engagement” to leave for.

The Memorial Health sale is valued at $710 million. If it’s agreed on, it would make Memorial Health the 13th hospital in the Healthcare Corporation of America’s South Atlantic Division.

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