New details in Lisa Scott murder case: Daughter says she 'just wants answers'

Lisa Scott pictured with some of her grandchildren. (Photo courtesy of Heather Terrell)

There are new developments in the Lisa Scott murder investigation.

According to the GBI, 56-year-old Scott was killed in her Sylvania home last October.

Since then, there have been few details released about the investigation, until now.

The US Attorney's Office announced last week that they were ending a multi-county investigation initiated in part by the "unsolved murder case of Lisa Scott."

Twenty people were indicted on a variety of drug and weapons charges as a result of the investigation.

The US Attorney's Office, GBI and Screven County Sheriff's Office wouldn't comment on the investigation.

There is still no word on Scott's killer, but the family is hoping to gain some sort of closure from this investigation.

“My aunts and uncles, they lost a sister. I lost a mom,” said Scott's daughter Heather Terrell.

Terrell spoke publicly about her mother's death for the first time on Tuesday morning.

She said it's been a long year since she got the news that no daughter wants to hear.

“Sitting on the couch watching Netflix when my stepdad called,” said Terrell.

Terrell's stepdad told her that her mother was dead.

“It was apparently someone driving by that saw the house on fire that called it in," said Terrell.

She said her mom was found dead inside her burning home, but it wasn't the fire that killed her.

"Apparently it was a gunshot,” said Terrell.

Terrell believes her mother walked in on her home being robbed. She said her mother was then shot in the back of the head, and the thieves tried to cover it up by setting the house on fire.

According to Terrell, this was the second time her mother’s home had been robbed that week. Her mother and stepdad had alerted her about the initial break-in.

“They did notice somebody was in the house because there was some money missing and everything like that, so she had gone to Walmart that day to get a copy of a house key so she could start locking the back door,” said Terrell.

Terrell said she and her family want closure. “I just want answers." She said her mom was taken far too soon.

"Her grandson starting football for middle school, she’s missed everything, she’s missed my oldest one starting back to regular school from home school, she’s missed everything," said Terrell.

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