New Savannah sound stage aims to spark production interest

savannah sound stage.jpg
New Savannah sound stage aims to spark production interest. (Credit: Shelbey Roberts)

Savannah's film industry continues to grow with the addition of a new 20,000 square feet sound stage.

Thursday night, River Oaks Film Studios debuted the first of its four rollout phases. Rodney Dickey, the president and owner, is ready to make movie magic. He's even patenting his own sound stage design.

"It's actually what you call a snap and pop studio system and it's where you can physically take it apart, move it to wherever you want to," Dickey said.

When fully built out, the 150,000 square feet warehouse could potentially house up to six sound stages, according to Dickey. His business isn't just offering production space.

"When a film comes in, they're physically here and we provide them the equipment they want and need. We also are an equipment house, so if someone's filming a feature that's not inside of our facilities, that film equipment is available to those people as well," said Dickey.

Dickey believes big productions can employ anywhere from 150 to 200 crew members. With the right infrastructure, he said utilizing local, regional and national talent is a possibility.

"It's really contingent on the size of the show that's coming in. But it's our interest to try and grow it obviously," he said.

Dickey is also entertaining the opportunity to bring a school into the film studio. He says the purpose would be to train young, pre-teen students interested in the film industry. Dickey isn't sharing the name of the school yet, but he says his team is already working on the fundamentals of the program. They're hoping to kick it off in June.

"It's going to be a great school because they're going to have a mini sound stage, they'll have a green room. They'll have all the opportunities they need," said Dickey.

FOX 28 did ask Dickey if any movies or TV shows have committed to River Oaks Film Studios yet. Dickey said he can't say much, but his team is interviewing a few major players.